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Winner is a well established Hong Kong based printing company that has served clients locally and internationally with 40 years of history. In order to optimally minimize our cost, we set up two major factories in Heyuan and Qingyuan, both located in Guangdong province, the most developed region for printing industry in China. Over the course of development, Winner has emerged as one of the premier printing solution providers in the industry, with the capability of manufacturing premium paper bags, packaging boxes, greeting cards, books along with many other paper products. Our strategic focus has always been strengthening our design and  engineering team and by doing so, we are able to cater the needs of numerous internationally renowned brands.

“As a printing supplier that has 40 years of history, our next goal is to become Asia’s leading corporation in the printing and packaging industry.”

Message from the President

Core values


Our people is our most invaluable asset. We value one’s individual success as much as our corporate success. We humbly believe that the most rewarding investment is to invest in helping our employees’ reach their fullest potential- and for good reason.


Innovation is our lighthouse. Innovation connects us to the future and helps us make better business decisions and strategies. It keeps us hungry everyday to improve beyond ourselves. Never settle for less.


We do not just treat every business order as a job. Our passion includes ensuring our clients’ success through maximizing the potential of their products. We believe a sustainable business practise goes both ways and requires effort by both parties, we are willing to be the one that takes the initiative.

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Client List

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